Home Computer Support

Home computer support
Computer maintenance
Support & repair
Windows installation & configuration
Computer hardware installation & configuration
Computer sofware installation, updates & configuration
Virus and malware removal.
Data backup, restoration & migration
Printers & mobile devices installation
Network & Wireless installation and configuration
Security advice & Internet security protection
Network security & Anti-virus protection.

HP Partner

We are a HP Partner providing the lastest Hewlett Packard products and services to businesses and organisations.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a global technology provider with a product range which includes Tablets, PC’s, laptops, enterprise storage, servers, networking and management software with further details on the HP website.

As one of its Partners, we supply, build, install and configure HP solutions and software to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our partnership means we have access to all the company’s product information and technical resources which means we pass this on to you and your organisation by consistently delivering only the very best in HP solutions.

G Suite – Gmail, Drive, Doc and More

Gmail, Drive and Docs and more
Gmail, Drive, Docs and More

Get Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar for business.

Everything you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

G Suite offers the ability to share & collaborate word processing docs, spreadsheets, presentations, calendar, setup new email accounts, email security and setup webpages.

Silky Solutions can setup all these Google Apps and configure your DNS records within no time.

Silky Solutions can remote setup your:

DNS records to use Google Apps
Email account to use Google Mail services
50 user accounts
Google Calendar sharing
Google Docs & Spreadsheet sharing and collaboration
Google Talk for online chatting
Google Web Pages for online presence
However, if you are not sure which Google Apps is most appropriate for your needs, then allow us to advise and configure it for you.

Computer MOT

Computer MOT

The PC MOT is our most popular service and is a full health check for your computer. Your disk drive can become full of spyware, viruses, and temporary internet files.  Its not long before your PC starts to slow down and lose performance.  As part of the MOT we will:

– Perform Anti-Virus/Spyware scan & delete threats
– Download & install critical windows updates
– Perform a hard drive clean-up
– Install driver updates for hardware devices
– Check firewall status/settings
– Check internet settings
– Test hardware
– Clean the inside of PC base unit
– Ensure all inside components and cables are secure